On the celebration of women’s day !!

Would like to open up about experiences in kolkatta . I was out for shopping in most popular and crowded market of kolkatta known as new market . I and my mom went out for shopping of pure silk sarees . This experience is so fresh that you may feel jitters in the body or make you sad .But this story has a happy ending and shows bravery of young ladies .It appears to be flattery because it brought smile to our faces and made us note that “Always trust your insight no matter what”

So we were out for shopping Me and Mom both are shopoholics .We were looking shop previously we shopped from . While in search of our favourite shop for sarees .Their were many assistants forcing to look for different shops for sarees and suits . Since we were new to the streets of kolkatta .it did appear similar to the streets of chandni chowk (Delhi)

So ,there was this favourite shop we went looking for vagyely remember the place didnt know exactly . So a person guided us saying this is the shop you have been looking for . We were literally not in a mood to go inside as it was very narrower and instinct refused to as we knew this was not the shop .We went inside other assistants in the shop manipulated saying the shop you are looking for is under construction and their are many outlets of that shops , which appeared to be convincing but at the same time nsights was telling us different !for some reason

We thought may be the truth would be this . But later on we bought around four Sarees worth sixteen thousand did billing and everything . Still we had this feelings of dissatsfaction in our minds difference in our minds. So we asked another shop littlle slowly the man was clever enough mincing away he whispered and showed direction

We were star struck to find the shop .What we were looking for past two hours . When we stepped inside shopkeeper looking at our packets . I dont know we just asked them is this your shop outlet the address given on the bag they said “ NO” . Our eye balls widened strucked at there faces. Then when they saw packets and sarees asking prices. They said you have been mugged .The stuff we brought was not pure silk , was high priced its fourteen thousand extra charged, shop was not the real one . It was same name but the shop was buying stuff from the same shop and selling there brand in high prices without knowing them

Since this was such big thing in streets and it was first experience of shopping .we were all in problem. Head aching dont feel like shopping more . I was all like we will file a police complaint and get justice for this , but mom being elder one knew the repercussions of police case would be like troubling and phone ringing would become a night mare.

I thank god for showering his blessing one me . He sent us a messenger .so the shopkeeper owner came to us listening to all our story . He appeared to be commanding and bold middle aged guy . Said go to the shop tellm them wat you did with us is wrong and have to pay . If they dont agree . Just call i will come with police .The other people working also boosted me and mom to do it . We became hot headed by the end of that minute and wanted our justice .

So went back .with loud and firm voice .boldness of this young ladies .made others supreised and studded seeing the women power came alive

Didnt listen to shopkeeper owner of that fake shop and told him to pay us back the price and dropped all the sarees on floors with anger .

Seeing this the owner of fake shop calmed and pleaded to take some stuff but all in vain .we didnt buy anything and

Got our money back was so proud .That it laid a mark in my mind that always trust ur insight and believe in yourself quotes that i have been hearing all my life came to real