x100t, f2, ‘walk home from work’

Living in NYC with the Fuji x100T

In October 2016 I went for a month to live in NYC to help out at my friend’s startup. I took my x100t, snugly in my coat pocket, everywhere. Here are some musings on using the x100t and some photos which I hope give an insight into not just the camera but also my time in the city.


It can sometimes be difficult to justify the large file sizes of RAW and the seemingly adequate JPEGs that these cameras produce. The best way to put it, is if you need to squeeze light and/or dynamic range out of an image, such as at night or in super bright conditions, RAW can help you carve out the right shapes and lighting. See above — without RAW, streetlamps are just a blur, but with it, you can carve out the shape of the bulbs and sharpen the image.

x100t, f8, Classic Chrome Fuji Filter


Classic Chrome — Fuji’s desaturated and calming onboard filter is reknowned as one of the best, informed by Fuji’s legacy of colour film technology. Many of it’s filters are directly based on classic films like Velvia and Provia, and along with Monochrome filters, form a stable of filters that let you publish straight away. With onboard WIFI and a mobile app, the workflow couldn’t be easier.

RAW’s dynamic range allowing you to decipher the patina on the ‘New Yorker’ sign
Macro mode gives strong Bokeh making the Fuji a worthy portrait camera
Shot in RAW, dusk in New York
World Trade Centre Train Station

Thank you for reading. Let me know how you use the X100T — Si Dhanak