The Bride.

Its her wedding in another two weeks. They met each other like every other man and woman meet in this planet. They fell in love like how it should have been. They shared the same interest of running and travelling. They wished a happy life with every stride running away into bliss, they held their hands even firmer in promise with each mile they travel together.

She is blessed with a loving joint family and would be husband. Every sunrise and every sunset reminded her the time she is left with in this house. How will her mother do anything after she leaves this house was her thought every time her mother passed her that smile. She gasps and her eyes cannot contain the tears. Her excitement is slowly poisoned with anxiety. She tried to understand its a matter of time, and time shall pass. But it is slower each passing day. Having used to seeing family in their routine, their new busyness looked like they are preparing to get rid of her, but they are actually working on their dream — her wedding. While her father and brother are busy having their house decorated with colourful lights, she audibly sighed often hoping for relief from how she feels, but the sinking feeling in the stomach grew. She could have wept secretly, but that will acknowledge the guilt of everyone doing so much only for her sake.

She frequented kitchen to stand beside her mother cautiously not to disturb, pretending to help but only to see her face. Secretly wishing she could cry one last time on her lap- But her mother won’t look at her. She went to sit near her dad on the sofa waiting for her unusually kind father to utter a word — But he is busy on something else. She felt lonely only to think if any one person would pause to talk to her. “Why are everyone doing so much?” is a pressing question of guilt, answer to it is another question “What have I done for them?”.

Fear of change, new people and environment is already lacing her gut. She could not hate more this nauseating feeling of leaving behind this routine and usualness. This extravagant social celebration of coming together of man and woman, has it’s own pains of separation and joys of bonding. She will leave behind her parents, her room and everything she thought was hers with all hopes to be compensated with love by one man.