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Looking for the very first job as a UX Designer or Researcher can be quite a challenge like any other job in the market, regardless of it being an internship or an entry-level position.

After applying to many UX jobs and finally landing one, I’ve developed a perspective on how the size of a company matters in the UX job application process.

I observed that the extremes of small startups and large corporations (think Fortune 500) tend to have more entry level UX opportunities than companies in the middle.

Large corporations

These are well-established companies with large teams and large(r) budgets. …

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After writing my first article about my experience as a graduated student in UX Design Program, I received lots of feedback from my friends and many others. This motivated me to write more on this subject as I find this as some sort of self-reflection.

Why UX?

For those who are new or unfamiliar with the field, the question might come to mind… why seek a job in user experience?

Why would someone want to go into the UX field, especially if they’re already an expert in other areas?

Many career transitioners are seeking more creative jobs. UX is more in-demand as…

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A few days ago, I went to my local Walmart for getting a few basic things — same old banana, milk and bread kind of trip!

It wasn’t long before I noticed the lengthy stretched lines for cashiers and even the self-check outs which are slightly better and faster. This was when I realized that if I wanted to get out fast, I should have tried a better way.

Few weeks back, one of the employees told me and my husband about the app, how convenient it was using it and how I could easily skip all the lines. When…

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In September 2017, I went back to school to study UX Design and prepare myself to transition into a UX career. It was a one year program (2 semesters) at Humber College which included 6 weeks of work placement.

I graduated in May 2018 and would like to share a few DOs and DON’Ts based on what I’ve learned through my own personal experience.

Top Things To Do:

1. Start researching your favorite companies from day one.

Making a list of your future employers would help you when looking for internship/work placement while you’re still at school, and contract/full-time positions when you’re done with…

A short story

He could still see his brothers and sisters from there…

It was getting colder and darker as the sun was trying to hide its face somewhere in the horizon. He could still see his brothers and sisters from there, but he was too tired to move and they seemed too far to see or hear him.

“Why mom? Why did you let go of my hand?” thinking to himself. They used to be a big, happy family chanting with the whispers of the wind when he was younger.

“How could they forget about me?” he wondered. All he could feel was the cruel, cold breeze that was…

Saba Samizadeh

UX Designer & Researcher

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