But Etsy already is made to sell directly to the consumer and therefore uses retail prices.
Dominic Reiterer

Dominic Hi Dominic, great question.

Let’s answer your question in 3 points:

  • Based on reports, there are more than 35 million products are listed on Etsy. Do end consumers able to find all of them or find the best products in this crowd? That’s drop-shippers job to find the best products and build their own niche and re-sell them.
  • Products on Etsy are not necessarily very expensive. Just Install Spocket for your Shopify store and run a simple search; you will be surprised that there are hundreds of thousands of awesome products are sold for less than $10. The margin is still high for drop-shippers.
  • To increase drop-shippers margin, Spocket has been working with Etsy community to offer more discount to drop-shippers.

Put these all together, you are re-selling products that are unique, offer fast shipping and have great margins.

Spocket automates the entire process of drop-shipping with Etsy and gives more discount to increase re-sellers margin.

Don’t hesitate to ask more question, happy to answer.

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