Goal to fulfill a Big Dream of life

Yes! Everyone has dreams and they set goals to fulfill those dreams. My major goal from past one year is to appear in IELTS(international English Language Testing System) test and gain 7 or 7.5 band. Definitely this is not what I want from my childhood. But this test will help me to achieve major goal of my life.

Why I have a specific goal? The major purpose behind this goal is to fulfill my one dream, which is to get a job in an international university as research officer or either get a job in a large food industry of Pakistan. I want to apply abroad for a job and they require IELTS. So I must have IELTS with good bands to get a job in international university that’s why I want to take IELTS.

I did not prepare for the test as I believed test cannot be prepared without a tutor and I do not have money to afford the tutor fee. And the IELTS test fee was also too much that I cannot afford also, So I was not taking the risk to take the test without proper preparation .The other main reason behind this purpose was, In last two years, my family passed from a difficult time. My father remained cancer patient for two years and he breathed his last 17 December 2015, due to all these issues I was unable to prepare test.

After Amal academy 1st and 2nd session about “Action” and “khudi”, I am very motivated and hoping I can prepare test myself .The tasks that I found to achieve my goal are: To overcome fear of Speaking test, practice of speaking test in front of mirror and start speaking English with sisters, Practicing essay writing and reading test, Online practice of listening test.

Well in start I was shy to speak English with my sisters, they were making fun .And it was hard to manage time in such a busy routine for writing and listening practice but from last two weeks, I managed one hour daily for IELTS practice.

Lesson that I learned from this experience that if we will start thinking we can’t do then we can never. It all about your way of thinking, I learned that I can do everything with strong self-motivation and hard work. People who cannot do things that you can do, those people will definitely will make fun of you in start. Do what you want and prove that you have ability; later on you will be admired by these people. Alhamdulillah! I am on my way.

The next step will definitely to apply for IELTS; I filled the online form and will take test in end of April Insha’Allah.This test will increase my confidence and after preparation, I will not feel shy to communicate in English.


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