Informational Interview

I try to contact many people of my field, yesterday I sent emails to four people and I sent text to two Amal Alumni fellows. I got reply from them I discussed with them many important things about our field and profession, but the best information interview was, that I describe below.

Today, I have a discussion with Gulzar Ahad, he is an Indian and he is working as a research officer in Max- Planck institute for biology of ageing Germany, where I applied last month for research officer job, last night I searched company employ and I found Gulzar ahad(only one Muslim name)I sent him an email and said that I apply in your institute and want your help regarding interview procedure and want to know the environment of your laboratory. And I request him to talk on call with me.

Luckily, today I got his call on whatsApp, firstly I said bundle of thank you to him for giving time and for call. Call duration was about 23 minutes. I introduce myself, I told him about my master research work and thesis also I told him that I applied in Max Planks institute and interested to join in future. I explained purpose of my call and I asked many questions from him and he answered all questions clearly and he explained everything.

Some of the questions I asked were:

1. I asked about his home country, study and work?

2. How was his experience in Max-planks?

3. What Pay package they are offering and what are other allowances that institute is offering?

4. I asked for advice, If I got selection what he will suggest me, I should join or not?

5. Research Publication matters or not in getting a job in Germany institute?

6. Funding they provide are enough for living for Germany or not?

7. They provide a hostel room or apartment for living?

8. Can we get research officer job by contacting university professors?

9. I asked about life of Pakistanis in Germany?

10. I discuss his daily schedule and routine?

11. I asked him about his research work in laboratory?

12. I asked about techniques he is using during his work.

13. Which lab preference will increase my chance of selection in Max-Planks?

14. I request him to review my C.V.

15. I asked him about German language, whether it is necessary to learn a German or English proficiency is enough to survive in Germany.

It was an amazing and learning experience I really like his talk, views and suggestions, especially he explained everything about all those things which were worrying me in the past and I was very keen to know. I learned many things and I contacted him after applying but In future I will contact the person or alumni of institute,before applying. And I will remain in contact with him as he is ready to help regarding job application procedure. Now, I will find more people and will email and text them and will try to talk with them on messages or call so that I can ask questions that I have in my mind regarding job Ii want to do. I find this activity very interesting. Tomorrow, I will do informational interview of two amal almuni fellows of my field and I am very excited to talk with them about my career plans.����

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