A Mirror to The Blind — Abdul Sattar Edhi


We all approximately know about Umaira Ahmed ( a well known story Writer ) , when I was in my first year in collage I just hear about the novel of peer-e-Kamil . I’m that kind of girls who take part in all those activities by I can help others for the sake of God to increase my good deeds. When I hear that this novel contain that type of information that can change our life, so I decided to read peer-e-kamil. This was my first novel which I read.

The novel deals with the turning points in intervening lives of two people: a runaway girl named Imama Hashim; and a boy named Salar Sikander with an IQ of more than 150.

So point is that Why I mention them here ?

Why Salar helps Imama for running from her home, and why Salar started for going to imam for reciting Quran . the only one thing is common they believes that

“Empty words and long praises do not impress God. Show Him your faith by your deeds.”

I just want to say that they start their journey without anyone’s help .They just believe on Allah and give their whole life for the sake of Allah ..

They passed their lives toward Allah and make righteousness for others.

After studying Edhi sahib I realize that you have to just start your task , then let it to go. Allah helps you on your each step. Even if u start from 1 paisa .

Edhi sahib was also a small common child who lived in Bantva with his family, he was very pretty in nature and used to make jokes and play games with his fellows. As everyone has a special time when he / she has totally turned from the previous path and begins new life, the same as it happens with him / her.

There were a few personalities who changed the life of Edhi, one of them was her mother, she was very kind, sensitive and abandoned.

Since his childhood he began to give charity and it is the moment when he began to love Humanity, because every day his mother gave him 2 cents with a tip that 1 penny to spend at home while 1 cent on those who really need it. And after returning from school, she wondered, and he refused to lie and be like a real child, he used to reply that for some time he found a poor man, then spent on him while 'He could not find poor.

From these pieces I have had the impression of a profoundly sincere man who struggles, even by successfully struggling against what can only be described as horrors that afflict the lives of many poor people in present-day Pakistan.

A Mirror To The Blind

Once he met a stranger person who did not even look like a professional beggar or familiar to his entourage. He helped this person to recover and that very person taught him the Holy Quran and explained the true meaning of charity.

Edhi did dream big but he believed that humans were naturally selfish.

Among them was a young boy called Sattar Edhi, mocked by the title, "Sheikh Chilli" for building castles in air and aiming for social work in "wholesale".

But he never give up any try again and again to get their goal.

Never Give up and on your dreams

I must say here that I can not recall a single act that I can compare with the great acts of kindness to which Edhi Sb has devoted his whole life. But there is one that comes to mind after reading a little about the life of Edhi.

During my collage in second year, one day I was sitting in library . A girl came here and start talking to me. I was little confused that why she is talking to me.? By knowing her name I got that she is Christine. After little frankness she told me that she has no friend. I asked Why???

Then she said that due to her appearance (dark color ) or religion .

I’m shocked that in today’s world these kind of things exist that no one talk to her due to her religion or dark color . Me personally have no large friends circle but we become friends and had spend great time with each other. I only do this for the sake of mine or her pleasure. I can remember this Quote that.

Make comfort for others Allah will make for You

” There is no religion higher than humanity “

which was quoted in our collage morning prayer,But that time i was not known by the person name who said that.

Now I strongly believe that the help of others always give you pleasure or peace.

We rise by helping others, believe on this single statement make us seceded in our lives.

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