#Just Start Project — Self Learning

How many times have you wanted to begin a project and just felt you didn’t have enough interest or energy? How about all the jobs you actually started yet never finished? How many books have you begun reading, just never got around to ending?

This was also very difficult exercise for me to choose what I have to do . I want to start that project which can give me real pleasure. Even most of ideas came in my that start English speaking course, picture uploading project , a new language etc …

But finally I reach out at that point where i think about how can i get real satisfaction? how can I continue my passion of helping others. I thought that you don’t need money to help others but you need a heart. Money or heart give me an idea to continue my volunteer work.

Question is what’s my volunteering work?

In university year 2015 , my fellows and friends decided to work to make an NGO.

We make a group of 15 members. Our motto was to serve human so we Decided the name of our group RHS (Relief for human Society). Group consist on help of humanity, as Edhi said” there is no religion is higher then humanity” and he start his work from childhood by giving 1 paisa to a needy one.

We make a complete plan that how to collect money or devote into others.

Only one month left from Ramadan So we wanted to do it before Ramadan .

We start our mission by collecting money it was really a difficult task for us but we never give up first day we only collect 300 rupees , but after that by our own effort or from friends, relatives, hostel meets , university students or outside the university, and then finally after a great struggle of 20 days we collect 25,000 rupees. We were happy that we did it.

Now task was that what we have to do now.?

RHS Team At School

So we decide to give some money in the form of fee of three children in a school. We know about them by some reference. So our group go to the school meet to the principle and get complete information of those children’s and then we gave three months fee of those students, also we decide to continue this process after that.

And other paisa’s give in the form of monthly food. Our some members visited 2 or 3 areas and choose some needy families to support. So we take one month “Rashan”for those families and give them at their homes. Also pay electricity bills of some people.

Hope for the best, things can change

But after this great work due to summer vocations or some conflicts between members or study Burden we would not continue our mission.Some members leave our group, remaining was hoping to do something.

So now I decided to continue our uncompleted project of serving others.

Firstly I make call to my members who were really serious to do this charity work. Some of them are not able to continue with us but others They were happy to know that again I want to continue our passion. And am delighted that they are with me.

Now we make a plan to:

1) Conduct a meeting
2) Choose serious members to work with us
3) Source through we can get money
4) Resources that can help us
5) Find Out Real needy people they need our help

In order to accomplish above task, we will immediately begin working on it, it will took some time to accomplish the above steps.

Now next week In Shaa Allah we will conduct a worthwhile meeting and start our passion as possible. We try to reduce our those mistakes which make the reason of our group distortion.

“ Help others achieve their goals , and you will achieve yours “(les brown)

If we follow this simple statement then we can achieve everything in our life. I’m now looking forward to continue our passion of serving others with full spirit.

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