#Knowing Yourself — Reaching Out To Friends

“Know your worth and add Tax “( not known)

One day I saw this quote and amaze to see the word add tax. Knowing yourself is the key point of success in everyone’s life. When you know your worth then you never take less than you deserve. Most important is know your worth. Don’t available for those who are unavailable for you. Exploring yourself take you from earth to sky.

In Asrar-e-Khudi, Iqbal explained his philosophy of “Khudi” or “Self”. The use of the term “Khudi” by Iqbal is synonymous with the word “Rooh” as mentioned in the Qur’an. “Rooh” is that divine spark that is present in every human being and was presented in Adam for which God commanded all the angels to bow down before Adam.

However, one must make an excellent journey of transformation to realize this divine spark Iqbal calls “Khudi”. A similarity with this trip could result from the smell of perfumes and seeds. Each seed has the potential of perfume inside. But to achieve its perfume, the seed must go through all the changes and phases. Before leaving her shell. Then, break the soil to enter the light by developing roots at the same time. Then fight the elements to develop leaves and flowers. Finally, reaching its pinnacle reaching the hidden perfume inside.

Similarly, to reach your khudi or rooh, you have to go through many stages that Iqbal has gone through, a spiritual path that encourages others to travel. Note that not all seeds have reached the perfume level. Many die on the way, incomplete. Similarly, only a few people have been able to climb this Mount Everest of spirituality, most are consumed by materialism along the way.

Question is that how we know about our “khudi” ???

who we are?? what’s are our strength and weakness.??

“Choices we make and the actions we take ultimately define us”

So before moving forward we must have to know about our own self .

For knowing yourself I reach out my friends and a teacher. Who know me the most. I spend many years with them so I choose my 6 friends 4 of them from university 2 from collage and one teacher which is in my contact.

Here i will mention few of replies that i received from my friends.

Firstly I text to my jolly ,cute and a sincere friend to know about me he just smile and said you are a sincere girl. You do your work sincerely. You have the power to listen anyone this is the your strength point.

Ali Ahmed

The seems likely answer received from my another friend That you are decision maker and have ability to do anything.

Sir Ghulam Rabani Bharwana

Another reply received from my Respected Teacher Sir Ghulam Rabani , They said “once you decided to do something, you never relax till the job ends. I think this it is very positive point in your personality “and after receiving this answer I was amaze because this was the best compliment which I received.

One friend replies me that brave and confidant. He always said Saba you are a brave girl, and more confidant then me. As I mentioned in my introduction I don’t think so that I’m a confidant girl.

Another friend share a story with me that how I work hard to complete a task. He labeled me with hard worker.

Muhammad Hassan

Now it’s the turn of my collage friend and roommate or university fellow we are together from 7 years she just replies

Javeeria Mehmood

me that “your vagary is your strength” .I never told before that I’m too much vagary. She is the only one who mentioned my weakest point as my strength.

I was surprise by responses but also thankful for acknowledging me actually who I am .

Figure out yourself and know what you need and that will make it easier for you to hold onto the right direction and let the loose ones your weakness.

It’s a choice you have the power to make and you deserve success. So make yourself worthy then no one can make you worthless. After this experience In Shaa Allah I will shape myself as I am and try to reduce my weaknesses.

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