Mega Project: Say No To Wall Chalking

A Clean Place Is A Happy Place To Live :)

We live in a society that based on Islamic culture. Where Islam gives importance to every aspect of life, there it also emphasizes the importance and benefits of cleanliness. It can be referred by the both Quran (The holy book) and the Hadith.

ALLAH almighty said in the Holy Quran
“Surely ALLAH Loves those who repent and keep themselves clean” (Quran2:222)
And our beloved prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) also said that
“Cleanliness is a half Faith ” (Muslim)

AS we decode messages inherent in wall chalking, we get to know motives behind it. The major motive behind wall chalking is ‘catharsis’. Through wall chalking, the common man who does not possess economic and political power expresses his opinion and his emotions.

In order to understand this, it is important to study society and culture where wall chalking is frequently seen. In societies where political instability is prevalent and institutions are not properly built, wall chalking is frequently witnessed. In Pakistan this is happening due to lack of political stability. So, it is necessary to develop democratic attitudes not on political level only but in family relationships as well because these are basic units for determining general temperament of society.

Research has been carried out to know whether wall chalking helps in creating awareness of different things people or not. It can be gathered that 60% of the general public think that wall chalking is a way of creating awareness and the other 40% think that it’s not the tool for creating awareness. Pakistanis basically indulges in wall chalking due to lack of platforms for them to express their emotions, combined with a lack of awareness.

Advertisements are done through wall chalking to avoid the expense, and the government cannot root out the problem since it itself consists of political parties largely involved in wall chalking for political purposes. There are laws against wall chalking and illegal.Wall chalking is one activity that has rendered almost every boundary wall of streets. The outcome of wall paintings, chalking and sprayings is an overall increase in pollution.Wall chalking is a tool which is often used by people for creating awareness of different thing because it’s the cheap way of advertisement.

This method is mostly used by lower class or middle class people. During the survey carried out on wall chalking people said that it is a tool for awareness but it’s the wrong tool of creating awareness. Educated people say that wall chalking must be stopped and a more educated Pakistan must be established.

We Amal Fellows, have taken a step towards “Say no to Wall Chalking” as a mega project. We have seen that the beauty of the city is destroying due to the blowpipe. So we took responsibility to clean the walls with the help of our circle and we will involve people to help us. Because we want the city to be the best, so that our residents feel proud and that visitors leave with the right impression.

What were the challenges?

The first challenge was the decision of the place, which we will clean from wall chalking. We visited various places in Faisalabad and then decided on two or more places that need more attention. Then, permission of the corporation of the city (authorities), we will write a letter in shaa Allah,and ask for permission to fulfill our #MegaProject.
The second challenge was how do we clean the walls? How do we paint them with our pocket money or raise money from people? So our members go to the paintings of Happilac using resources and draw donations and financing the possibility of buying paint to clean the walls.

How many people were you able to impact?

I would like to mention that we are still working on this subject, and that the event will take place soon. By visiting the place we saw, people were so excited to help us and I am sure they will help us clean up our city. We encouraged the people to stop complaining and do something. How we, being the youth have to step forward to change all that we think is wrong, and while there will always be challenges; it is our responsibility to make sure we do our little part.

Would they change their approach in future?

The young people are delighted to work with us and hope that they will continue our chain of cleanliness. Some of them are passionate about doing this activity in the future by making groups or circles like us. Then there were the curious by passers who inspired by the idea, joined in. They promise to support this chain.

How would you continue this project in future?

In the future.! We are also committed to helping them in our wall cleaning project. If they make groups, we will join them and in the future we will also try to work with them. Because every single should not be allowed to do this thing and only professionals should be allowed on some places not everyone and everywhere it does effect the beauty of the city. Or our future plans are also to expand this activity to our universities where a small campaign will be started and give the awareness to the youth of Pakistan to build a cleans and health environment in Pakistan.

Soon we will conduct an event in which we practically do our work and implement the planning of whole month.
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