What Type Of Pain And costs Are You Willing To embrace?

The pains make us stronger and succeed in our lives.

There is a great deal of pain in life and perhaps the only pain that can be avoided is the pain that comes from trying to avoid pain. ~R.D.Laing.

Your pains will become the dots for your success in future life.Everything in your life came for a reason . Now its depend on you how you will take it , negative to ruin yourself or positive to leads to success . Your pain realizes your strength and your weakness and also give tell you that from the entire world only few persons are there for you, and all the other persons which said that they are with just they talking like bush and nothing .

Everything has a price. You can’t have an amazing lifestyle without sacrificing something. Every successful person you know today has a “price” story to tell. There is no substitute for sacrifice when it comes to success.You can live the life you want, once you are willing to pay the price. With considerable, specific and sustained efforts over time, you can do or have most of the things you want in life. The price is the way.

Every successful person has a painful story .Every painful story has a successful ending.Accept the pain and get ready for the success.

I am an independent person and have learned to make my own decisions and learn from them from the beginning.

During my seventh semester in BS, our teacher gives us a task to carry out a project. It was the last days of December and, due to holidays, I went home, and I forgot to do a project. Two days before the submission, my friend ask me that I finished my project or not? then I realize how big mistake I made.

Our final result of the subject base on the project which I forgot to do. That moment, I felt the pain of failure.I was thinking about what other fellows or friends think of me that I lack about it.I was unable to do this. I was what I had to do now. ??

That day I decided to returned to the hostel and I began to look for good ideas for a project and to do a little game in a short time. But on the day of submission of the project, our teacher gives us 4 more days to work on our project.

After the relaxation of our teacher, I began to realize the importance of the project and I felt that my project was null for it. Then I decided to ask my other teacher for help. He gave me advice to make a project from a software house. I go to the software and tell my whole story of what happens to me. He said he’s going to project me in 3 days, but you have to pay for it. Anyway, my pocket money was very limited and I was not even able to pay, but I also do not want to fail on the subject.He told me to submit 5000 for the project.That’s why I said yes, I’ll pay that.

Transform fear into action

I’ve been saving 4,000 to buy gifts for my friend, i took this money and a thousand of my hostel fees, this way I handle the amount without anyone helping. Because at that time the project was more important than the gift ,the gift can be bought but this time never came back. So I pay the project costs.

I survived for a few days, then I made a deal with myself. I decided to save pocket money to recover my loss of 5000. Regarding the next six months, I was very difficult for me to handle all things in limited pocket money. During those months, I controlled all my needs, such as hangouts with friends,leave fast food, outdoor activities, buying books and especially shopping. I used to read their electronic versions.Also I was feeling pain for those who struggle for their studies and facing this kind of situations everyday.

A bad move could simply spoil all my financial planning for the rest of the month, so I used to be very quiet and sacrifice extra things and I always remembered my mistake of being so careless.


After this period, I learn how to control my desires. Now even after this , I spend a lot of money for some worse scenarios. Now I can manage things comfortably. Surviving in low budget is not a big deal for me.I discover that “Pain is blocks your ability to think… failure can be painful but if you start to look at failure as a milestone to your success it becomes a natural path of your evolution.”

I believe these things helps me a lot in my future as i could deal with any problem independently.

It’s time to be happy again . :)