Total Quality

quality is the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind moreover its the degree of excellence of something.quality is not just important in organization but its important in everything including our life .we have learned some principle in total quality management and after studying TQM course i have found some changes in my life which i have shared.

  1. Continual improvement

the first principle is continuous improvement The most essential element to long-term personal growth is to continually optimize. Personal growth shouldn't be done in random spurts of enthusiasm and action, but long term and steady progress. Attempting to overhaul your entire life all at once likely won’t last. Instead we need to make consistent and constant gradual changes that will impact over time. We need to focus on making little but constant improvements throughout our life. I learned that to run well in market and cope up with the increasing demand from customers, competitors, advance technology and harsh political condition, the only means to survive is continuous improvement.step to continuous improvement are the following:

Step 1 commit to change

Step 2 Act

Step 3 Evaluate

Step 4 Measure

Step 5 Continuous improvement

Step 6 Sustainability

2. Fact based decision making

I learned that the decisions must be based on facts and analysis, not intuition and personality moreover the structure of the decision should be well understood, and the decision must be carefully framed to reflect the reality of the outside world.

3. Team Employee involvement

Employees are the real source of being the number 1 but it depend how well the employees are so to have a healthy work structure there should be employee involvement which would lead to Improves quality and increases productivity, because employees make better decisions using their expert knowledge of the process moreover moreover employees are more likely to implement and support decisions they had a part in making and lastly Employees are better able to spot and pinpoint areas of for improvement.

4. Effective communication

Effective communication is important for the development of an organization. It is something which helps the managers to perform the basic functions of management- Planning, Organizing, Motivating and Controlling. Communication skills whether written or oral form the basis of any business activity.


1) Decision making

At first my thinking about the decision were based on just focusing on short term benefits but After gaining deep knowledge of TQM, I learned that the excellence is in achieving something on long term basis not short-term

2) Quality is greater than the quantity

Before having much knowledge of quality I always prefer to have a quantity and measure the excellence in terms of quantity but now i prefer on quality and admitted that the quality or excellence of anything matters more than its quantity.

3) Plan ,do, check, act

Before TQM I use to do everything very casually or in inadvertent way and never followed the steps to achieve excellence but now i implement PDCA cycle quality tool in my life like when I am doing my personal works or I am in my work life, I always first plan before doing anything then implement my plan (do) then check it and then act on it.

4) Fish bone diagram

After having knowledge of fish bone diagram quality tool i learned that the focus should be on root cause problem, before I used to waste my all Time, energy and money on finding the problem area but now I made myself understand that only to focus more on a problem area and to invest money and time only on those areas where there is needed.

5) Cost of poor quality

Little responsiveness in work leads to inferiority so The best way to get the excellence is to avoid the mistakes on first hand so that there is no waste of money, energy and time.

6) 5 S principle

before studying TQM my personality was bit unorganized and everything used to be messy which affects my work life and personal life but after learning and implementing the 5 S principle my life is much organized now.

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