So, you think you’re something BIG?

Once upon a time, there lived a man. The most powerful, wealthy man of his time. His power made him so arrogant that he looked down upon others. He treated them with such inhumanity that it’s still recorded in the books of history. He killed thousands of people in his lifetime, including infants. He had such an authority over others that he would boastfully declare himself the God! He tortured & killed his own wife just because she refused to believe this arrogant claim of him being the God. You might have by now guessed the name of this tyrant. His name was Fir’aun(Pharoah).

You might be thinking why I started this article with his introduction. Here is the answer. We definitely don’t declare ourselves to be God. We can’t even imagine of doing that. That’s just Astaghfirullah! But what is not Astaghfirullah for us is to look down upon others, feel the superiority over the rest. This “I’m better than you” attitude is a trait of the Fir’aun. You might have more worldly pleasures than your peers, you might be more educated and knowledgeable, you might be the most good-looking man/woman walking on the face of this earth, you might consider yourself to be the most pious person alive, but all this is a test from the Almighty. Do you become arrogant upon receiving such gifts or do you become His humble slave! Arrogance is the first crime that ever took place. When Allah ordered the angels to bow down before Adam(PBUH), they bowed down except Iblis(Satan). His argument was that Adam(PBUH) was made out of clay whereas he(Iblis) was made of fire and that he was better than Adam.

Whenever you get the feeling of superiority, try to remember this. Iblis was thrown out of the Heavens for feeling such a thing. You are still on earth! The wealth, beauty, authority, position in the society- anything that makes you proud of is from your Creator. We are nothing but a small creature. Allah has given humans superiority over His other creations, but none of us should ever feel we are better than our fellow humans.

“ He who has in his heart the weight of a mustard seed of pride shall not enter Paradise”(Sahih Muslim)