Edhi sb reading!

A list of some of the world’s most influential stories on humanitarian growth and social progress also contain a legendary tale of Edhi foundation . It is a story of zero to hero.It was the story of true sincerity .

I come to know him through an autobiography “A MIRROR TO THE BLIND” by Tehmina Durrani.It is really a mirror through which I could see at what status of humanitarianism I am standing on.

A story from Edhi sb’s life when he helped a man on road who was injured .He came back to home and his mother gave him clothes,mattress ,blanket and medicine .When I recall my experiences I could only remind myself helping my own family ,friends and social circle like my fellows , hostel room mates and sometimes hostel lower staff.I could humbly say that I once helped.Helping others make me happy ,It was about my hostel sweeper .I found her a little bit anxious that day and I was hurriedly heading towards the exit door so I must not miss my bus .She was reluctant to talk about her situation and I was asking the same question again and again then she broke out and said she need some money and she could only borrow it .I gave her the amount she needed.

From Edhi sb reading and knowing how he had served the humanity and how he had started his journey is just astonishing .He helped a man on road .There must be many people passing by and watching the poor beggar but no one had had a thought of helping him but the Edhi .

The lesson I learned from this is how to become a person who can help others by #juststart concept.

The outcome of #juststart.

Mission discipline :

For the long time I wished not to mess up my life and daily routine.like I want a very neat and clean environment but always lazy at doing so.Messy life most of the time but from Edhi sb reading I realized not doing anything is a destruction. If you can not do anything for you how can you do anything for anyone else .So I cleaned my wardrobe ,pressed my clothes, arranged my news paper stock in a box in a manner of monthly sequence, arranged my books and made a timetable to be followed by me very strictly .Seriously it helped me a lot in making myself calm. It was the short term amendment which is going to help me achieve me my long term goals like being punctual might lead me to a successful career women


laziness ,hectic schedule and 8–4 daily routine.

It always took me some time to prepare myself to work on a plan .I used to work hard and perfect but it always dragged me till deadlines .

It was an experience of doing a task or juststart as well as knowing myself to how obedient I am towards following .Because without following you can not learn to lead .

The takeaway from this activity is to arrange stuff on time ,according to the demand of time and repeat the cycle again on time .

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