Traveling is something most people love to partake in, but actually being in an airport leaves much to be desired for the average traveller. Oftentimes, airports are brimming with people and it’s hard to tell just how long you’ll be in line with security before you get to your seat…

Marc Andreesen And The New World Of Finance

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Marc Andreesen sounded off about the future of finance. Andreessen is the co-founder of the $4.2 billion venture capital company Andreessen Horowitz, backer of Twitter, Facebook, and AirBnB, to name just a few. …

Dogs Used To Detect Ovarian Cancer In Early Stages

One of the primary dangers of ovarian cancer is with the lack of early detection. As a result, researchers are looking for possible detection techniques in all manner of places, some of them highly unusual. …

Commodity Fraud Poses Challenges for Banks and Regulators In China

The lack of enforcement on defaulted loans in China presents banks with incredible hurdles in collecting collateral. The economic times have not been the best in Qingdao,the Chinese trading hub in the country’s northeast and this is further complicating an already difficult task.

The Economist reports companies are currently being…

World Ovarian Cancer Day Raises Awareness 

May 8 of this year was World Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day. The day is a global effort to educate people on a cancer that will affect one in every 57 women in the United States. The awareness effort is aimed at prevention, early detection and, of course, research for treatment.

Sabah Mikha

Sabah Mikha is a strategy consultant, #Finance professional, proud #FightingIrish supporter, and travel enthusiast.

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