4 Ways on Keeping Yourself Consistent

Being on my last week of the entrepreneur accelerator Program with Brandon T. Adams, has taught me a lot on being consistent in the work that I do. The accountability that I had throughout these past 6 weeks pushed me on working towards goals at a constant pace. People in college, including myself, are working on startups, skills that they want to achieve, and goals that they want to reach, but they don’t realize on how consistent people have to be when they are trying to accomplish something.

If one wants to become a professional basketball player they need to practice on a daily basis. They have a designated schedule where they take time out of their day specifically for working on that area. If you want to gain more of a following on Instagram you need to be consistent on your posts and make sure that you post on a daily basis. Many people slip out of that routine because they get caught up with other stuff and don’t realize they NEED to be consistent with what they are doing.

1. Have a routine

I publish blogs each week on a Monday, I keep this consistent every week because people who are following me expect me to put something out each Monday. Having a scheduled routine allows yourself to show your audience that you have consistency and dedication to your work. This also helps you meet your set deadlines on the goals that you are striving for.

2. Build momentum

Right now I am on Thanksgiving break, therefore I get an entire week off from school and classes. For many people that’s an excuse to drop everything and stay in the clouds for an entire week. However, the moment you do that you get off track and lose the momentum that you had. I do something everyday that keeps me consistent on my end goal. Weather it is as small as checking and replying to emails or big tasks as in writing blogs and creating new content. Build up a consistent momentum, and this will also keep you passionate and motivated about what you are working on.

3. Stay committed

Tell yourself out loud that you will be consistent everyday on your goal. If you can’t commit on being consistent in the first place you probably won’t stay consistent. Acknowledge that you need to commit on being consistent and this will allow your subconscious mind to act on the thoughts that are in your head. Consistency is commitment. If you commit you will be consistent on your work and you will start seeing results. [ Purposely used consistent and commitment in this paragraph A LOT so it would stick in your head ;) ]

4. Tell the world your goal

If you tell the world that you are going to stay consistent on whatever it is you’re doing, people will see that which hold you accountable for your actions. Successful people create excitement for what they are working on which helps them reach their end result. I put this to the test and it actually pushed and motivated me to meet all the hype that I put out there on my goal. Soon the consistency turns into a habit and you will see results faster than ever.

Sabah Ali