Busy Busy Busy!

I enjoy every aspect of staying busy because it keeps me motivated and ambitious to work towards achieving the goals that are expected from me. Right now I am in the middle of finishing my book, creating the beginning steps of my business, marketing YEC, promoting the ISU fashion show, and in the middle of finishing my semester. Crazy right?

The end of March and beginning of April is always the busiest time of the year because somehow everything seems to land around that time period, but honestly I love it! Staying busy helps you grow as a person because it keeps you distracted from sitting and wasting your time by watching Netflix or sleeping. When I am busy I don’t see it as a negative thing, I see it as a blessing. Think about the last time that you were really busy. Did you enjoy it? Hate it? Or a little bit of both?

I have probably been in all three stages of that answer but at the end of the day I love staying busy. However a lot of people start stressing when they are busy and have a lot of things going on which has happened to me before also.

Following these three aspects always helps me stay on track when I get a work overload.

Think about one thing at a time

There have been so many times where I stress out from having numerous things on my plate because I think about doing everything at once. When you do that your mind starts slowing down and gets flustered from everything that you put on it to do. If you focus your attention on one thing, finish that task, and then move onto the next you will notice that you won’t stress out as much.

Ask for help

This is something that I learned overtime because I never used to ask for help. I hated asking for help because I didn’t want to feel like I didn’t know how to do something or I couldn’t figure it out on my own. However, there comes that time where you can’t really do anything until you ask for help to finish specific tasks. I know I get help from my mentors, team, and friends on a daily basis now. I don’t ask them for big favors but I do ask them for feedback and little things that help me out throughout the day.

Take time for yourself

When we get busy all we want to do is focus on the things we want to get done. Once again, I have done that numerous times but I found that it’s important to step back and take a breather for yourself. When I get busy I like to spend my entire day working but I always take a little bit of time to either go workout, chat with friends, or just relax for a bit. This helps you regain energy so you can return with full focus on the things you need to get done.

Do all of the above to stay on track and you will reduce the stress you have when you get busy!

Sabah Ali