Stressing? Find the Light.

Do you ever feel down? Like there is no hope or light at the end of the tunnel. Out of nowhere you just start thinking about numerous things in your life that you are happy, sad, worried, angry, stressed, or frustrated about. Then all of a sudden it all hits you at once and it takes you by surprise? I know it’s happened to me before, out of nowhere it feels like you got hit by a train and you just feel down and feel like there’s no hope there.

I am writing this blog here to tell you guys that EVERYONE goes through this point in their life to get to their main successes. Right now I am working on numerous things, worrying about school, stressing about everything I need to get done, and it’s all hitting me at once. I want to share with you guys how to deal with these stumbles that everyone runs into in their lives.

First of all, I am writing my thoughts down into this blog. I learned that if I have numerous thoughts in my brain floating around I get flustered, therefore I need to store them somewhere, so I just begin writing away. If you are feeling stressed out write down your thoughts, clear your mind from all of the emotions that you are feeling and this way it will help you focus on what you need to work on in order to get over the tough phase.

Second of all, realize that whatever it is that you are working on, you will successfully achieve it and you can’t give up. Typically, these little dips in life are when most people stress out, get overwhelmed, and just want to drop everything and run. However, this is the time you need to keep pushing in order to get over this low point. It might last a hour, a couple hours, a day, a week, whatever it is you need to stay positive to get over it. This may sound very cliche, and you may here it a lot to stay positive, but it’s true. Your brain is powerful, it can make you feel down in ways you could never imagine. But it can also make you very happy and energetic to keep pushing through. I want to tell each of you guys reading this, if you are currently in this state, have been, has a friend who has been through it, you need to stay positive and keep moving forward.

Third and finally, you need to figure out WHAT is making you feel this way, clear your mind of everything that is taking over. Write it down, go for a walk, talk to a friend, whatever it is you need to do to find the pinpoint of why you are hitting this speed bump along your journey. This is the most important step because if you don’t, this occurrence will most likely happen again. Just like in relationships, if you can’t figure out why something isn’t working and you just keep going along with it, most likely it will happen again and at a worse stage. So take a breather, realize what is making you hit this point and realize that you can get over it, because everyone has these times in their lives, whether they show it or not.

This obstacle; whether it is business, personal, relationship, social related, or a combination of all of these, you need to figure out why it’s happening and what you can do to fix it. Dwelling on it, constantly thinking about, and feeling down isn’t going to help anything. This is the time you need to stay strong in order to reach that light. The darkness is your fear and the light is your future, do you want to have the fear of your struggles drag you down? Or do you want the light to shine on your future? Most of the time when people are in this stage they are scared of what may come during this stage or after it. Which is why most people run away.

But we are all fighters, everyone can get through it.

Sabah Ali