Barcodes And Their Benefits

A bar code is one of the easiest, most reliable means of storing and retrieving information about a product. It has various benefits

Easy to create and read

A barcode can contain a lot of information, including pricing and manufacturing details of a product and can be easily created in minutes. It needs only a simple scanner to be read so that the details can be converted to a format that can be read by computers.

Inventory management

Since the advent of barcodes, inventory management — the listing of available products and other purchase details has become an easy task. Barcodes can be used to keep track of what products have been purchased, sold or need restocking.

Reduction in human error

Once the barcodes for products have been created and are in place, chances of human error are greatly reduced. Since the data is already predetermined and fed as a bar code, chances of error in data entry or reading are greatly reduced. There can be no mistakes like a single digit or letter being misspelt or wrongly entered.

Easy to learn to use

The creation of barcodes for a particular product is a onetime process. Whenever any information needs to be known about the product, the process is as simple as using a scanner to read it. This does not need any training and it saves time.

It is easier to track

Using barcodes is efficient on another count. Whenever there is an issue relating to stock entry or identifying a particular problem, it is easier to track that product or equipment using barcode. Identifying and isolating a separate batch based on the manufacturing date or location is more efficient with the involvement of barcodes.

Cutting costs

Since the number of people involved in processing is reduced, barcodes cut costs and save time. They are easy to create and can be printed on many surfaces, be it paper or plastic or metal. The barcode scanners are one time investments that can be used to read a variety of barcodes for different products.

Saving time

Barcodes are usually single strips that store a lot of information that can be processed within seconds. A simple scanning process reveals a lot of details that can be stored. Barcodes save time in reading data.

Creating a comprehensive system

Barcodes simplify inventory management and create a common method to efficiently store and read data about all types of products, not limited to a particular type or price range. This common standard system makes maintenance easier. Adding newer products to the inventory is simple — just creating a barcode that contains all data. No major change needs to be made to the inventory for adding or deleting a product.
 Buying and registering barcodes
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About The Author

Jennifer Greene is a post-graduate student in Business Management, who specializes in logistics, inventory, procurement and sales. She has written many articles on inventory management, and believes to be a very good source of information and online barcodes.

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