Barcodes: Connecting The Manual World To Digital World

Are you planning to purchase barcodes for your business growth and achieve your goals efficiently and effectively? Have you ever thought about the technology in detail — how versatile it is.. How it works?

A barcode is used to encode information in a visual pattern readable by a machine called a scanner. Barcode technology is now enjoying a great position in the business world. It is important for tracking a product; price and information mentioned for centralized recording and also helps to minimize the manual stress to record the stock levels in a computer system.

Types of Barcodes

There are many formats of barcodes available in the market, but only a few have been implemented successfully and provide an authentic and real potential in this competitive industry. There are three types of barcodes for products which are mostly used by businesses.

• Linear Barcode

The very oldest barcode which refreshes the black and white memories is linear barcode. In it, the first six numbers signify the manufacturer’s identification number. The next five digits represent the product’s identification number. The last number is called a check digit which examine that the codes are correctly scanned or not.

• 2D Barcode

This barcode is different from linear barcodes in every manner, so much so that a linear scanner can’t encode the 2D barcode. It contains not only the quantity and price of the product but also the URL and major details. You can recognize a 2D code by the 3 large squares in the corners.

• 3D Barcode

Though 3D Barcode is same as 2D code, but the main difference is that 3D code is made of 24 layers using different colors. Using this format in print media would allow the user to scan a barcode in a magazine as well. Main advantage of 3D barcode is that it allows the transfer of data after scanning a barcode to your personal computer. An example of the technology — you can operate your WhatsApp account in your personal computer by scanning a barcode available on the screen of the system by your mobile.

Role of Barcodes

Barcodes play a vital role in managing the smooth flow of all the logistical processes of a business. It helps in managing price quotation and record the stock level to maintain the regular flow of marketing. It also resolves the fear like something has been stolen from my shop. Sometimes you may notice that a barcode number is quite long. This is because they have to record the three distinct aspects of a product — first part is the country’s code where the product was made, second the manufacturer’s identification code and last number is of product itself which enables the scanner to decode the barcode correctly.

For business inventory management, we can say that this black and white box acts as a bridge between the manual world and digital world. Just make sure that you always choose the best barcode company who gives you a guarantee that their codes will be accepted by most of the retailers in market. To know more about barcode registration, visit

About The Author

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