5 Reasons to Tell Your Brand’s Story on Snapchat

By Saba Sedighi // Snapchat: sabaSedighi

It’s easy to want to dismiss Snapchat for brands. There are already an overwhelming number of social platforms your business has to manage just to have a well-rounded social presence. So naturally, the thought of introducing a third, fourth, fifth, or even sixth platform sounds like something you’ll just continue to procrastinate on until next year.

I’m here to tell you that you’d be making a mistake and underestimating this platform’s potential by not creating content, building your community, and engaging your audience on Snapchat. I consistently hear narratives around the importance of not talking about your product but, instead, developing a story around your brand. This allows your audience to connect with what you are selling and ultimately become a loyal fan and customer.

Why should marketers use Snapchat for brands?

It’s not every day that a platform comes along and changes the way we think about creating content and sharing moments. I’ve outlined five reasons you should stop procrastinating on storytelling through Snapchat and begin embracing this platform’s unique features.

  1. Reach
     Let’s talk numbers. Data keeps things unbiased and objective. Snapchat has been one of the fastest growing social networks of the decade. Since its launch in 2011, it has grown to over 150+ million daily active users. In fact, it’s estimated that over 400 million snaps are exchanged each day. And Snapchat’s video capabilities have skyrocketed, garnering over 10 billion daily video views, compared to Facebook’s 8 billion daily video views.

2. Immediacy
 Have you ever scrolled past a post on your feed or seen an article that caught your attention and immediately thought, “Oh, I’ll just look at it later.” For most people, “later” becomes “never” because we are inundated with so much content. A key differentiator with Snapchat is that updates contributed to your “Story” expires after 24 hours. Although some may argue that this is a disadvantage for the platform, I completely disagree. This consumption deadline counteracts the “save for later” mentality. It encourages users to consume the content when they see it, knowing it won’t be there tomorrow.

3. Creativity
 Creativity is such a vague term, usually used to describe an artist, designer, or writer who has to think outside the box to convey their message. But creativity goes far beyond those stereotypical definitions. It expands into the way we live our lives and express ourselves, regardless of our professions or artistic abilities. When you are creating a snap photo or video, you’re able to layer a variety of different creative elements to enhance your content. Your toolbox includes: Text, Drawing Pen, Emojis, 3D Stickers, Video Filters, Color Filters, Geofilters, and Facial Lenses. Storytelling on Snapchat takes on a new level of creativity and gives you permission to try new things every single time.

4. Engagement
 When content feels native, authentic, and human, people are more likely to feel a personal connection with the message being communicated. Snapchat’s medium allows users to keep their creations fun and informative without the pressures of making it perfect. A recent Business Insider Intelligence study found that “Snapchat is five times more effective than Twitter and 10 times more effective than LinkedIn at getting users to spend time on the platform on a per-user basis.” In addition, Snapchatters spend an average of 25 to 30 minutes on the platform messaging their friends, consuming stories, and viewing content on branded Discover channels.

5. Keepin’ it real
 With all the Instagram filters, post-production tools, and editing features, it’s not often you come across content that hasn’t been produced — except for on Snapchat. Because you take and edit your content directly on Snapchat, your content feels authentic — even if you’ve added a pretty flower lens or dog filter. I often hear, “Be authentic, humanize your brand.” I’m here to tell you that there are more than a few people not practicing what they preach with their over-produced and edited content. Luckily, Snapchat has not only made storytelling easy, it’s also made it fun, without requiring hours of editing.

Building an audience is never an easy task, but passing up the opportunity to take advantage of storytelling on Snapchat would be a mistake for brands. Snapchat has uniquely positioned itself in the market by approaching content creation and storytelling from a new angle. The platform empowers you to authentically share your story in real time, without the constant worry of having to produce perfection.

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