Solr’s Nesting: On Solr’s Capabilities to Handle (Deeply) Nested Document Structures
Alisa Zhila

Hi, thanks for your guide.

I have a problem for retrieve a ChildDocTransformerFactory hierarchical.

I have this structrure:


<str name=”example”>GRANDPARENT</str>


<str name=”example”>PARENT</str>


<str name=”example”>CHILD</str>




Now, how retrieve full structure in hierarchical mode?

if I try with :

select?fl=*,[child parentFilter=parentela:GRANDPARENT childFilter=parentela:PARENT]&fq={!parent which=parentela:GRANDPARENT v=parentela:PARENT}&indent=on&q=*:*&wt=xml

I have only Grandparent with its parent. I would like have under parent, the corrispondent child.

Can you help me?

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