Who America is .

What i have learned from this coming up 2016 presidential election is that everyone has two faces. one face they show around all of there friends and the face they show when no one is watching. everyone's true face is the one we all need to watch out for.

with that being said yes this is my first time being able to vote for a president. and so far i have seen the worlds true faces because, although everyone says that they don't want trump as president publicly. Trump is still in the running because privately the worlds true face says that, yes they are okay with trump becoming president. although everyone is always complaining about what trump says everyone is still voting for him. even when he says his racist comments on how he plans to build a wall and deport everyone that doesn't belong here. you would think that someone like Trump would have been cut out of the election the first time around. But no that isn't the case because yet again he’s still in the race and yet people are still lining up to see him talk in his rallies and such.

I’m really just not getting it, like why is it that everyone is voting for Trump. when he clearly states almost every time he gets up on a stage of how much he hates any one who isn't here legally. so he is really planning to rip peoples families apart if he becomes president. and this is what everyone is voting for to rip apart peoples homes and families.

although publicly everyone seems to hate the man named Donald Trump, a man who has married out of his race more then once. also the man that plans to deport those same wives and there families. this is who America is showing their self to be. this is Americas true face.you would think that since the same America elected President Obama. this is the same America that is showing that the want Donald Trump as their president. hopefully America wakes up and realizes what a mistake it would be to have Trump as president.