I got a wonderful experience on interview. I am going to share my experience to you.

The alarm was snoozing. The time had come. I awoke up and got ready. The day was so hot. University arranged “Career Fair” for students. So, 11 company attended career fair. I went to the university. University was looking beautiful for decoration. I was feeling very fresh. On the other hand, for interview I had confidence but I was feeling nervous too. I was thinking and thinking what question they will ask. Everyone was looking in tension. I asked many students, “Are you ready for interview?” In reply everyone gave same answers. They replied that they were not ready, they don’t know what to do and they were also thinking the questions that company people would ask.

Our “Career Fair” ceremony started at 9 o’clock. First our Vice Chancellor, after that Dean and at last he Head of the Department gave their speech. Then every company presented themselves. They told about themselves that what they are doing, what they expected from us. On that time I was listening carefully what they were saying. I wrote every point of them. Because I was thinking if I write then before going I can see them and if they ask questions then I can answer them. Many people were doing that. Not only me but also everyone was worrying about interview. I was feeling more nervous. But I was saying to myself, “Everything will be fine. Just be confident. All is well.” And I targeted one company named ‘IFS’. I wanted to join with them. Their speech was so good and impressive.

Our next interview session was begun. Every company had their stall. We went there for giving interview. At that time my heartbeat was jumping more. I went to one of the stall and sat for interview. Then they started to ask questions. I answer them gently. After completing that they said they will call me if I selected. I got confidence. I understand how to talk, how to answer the questions, how to empress them. After that I went another stall. And then I talk with them confidently, smartly I answered them. They seemed like they were happy with me. But every company said that they will call me if I selected. That time some people were satisfied, some were looking pale and upset, some did well, and some did bad. I was satisfied.

This is my first experience on interview. All I learn interview is nothing. Many people fail because of afraid, frustration and nervousness. If you have confidence on you and if you give answer gently, smartly and technically then obviously you will get hired by a company.

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