Australian shepherd dogs

Australian shepherd dogs and puppies, often referred to as “Aussies,” are highly intelligent and full of energy. If you are considering an Australian shepherd pup or have recently acquired one, it is essential that you begin from the start to properly care and train your puppy. Your Australian shepherd pup is like an extremely intelligent, precocious child, taking in and recording every experience, both good and bad. Correct training and care at the young puppy stage will have your Australian shepherd pup growing into a well-behaved and balanced dog you will enjoy for many years.

Make an appointment with your veterinarian soon after you have brought your Australian Shepherd puppy home. The breeder where you purchased your pup should have already given your puppy its first shot in a series of puppy vaccination shots. It is best to have a trusted veterinarian do a complete checkup on your new Australian shepherd puppy soon after you get it to make sure it is healthy, to set up a schedule to complete the series of shots every four weeks, and to discuss a proper feeding and care plan.

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