Fantastic Bike

I’ve been on the train for a couple minutes when something starts dripping down on the free paper I’m reading. I reach my hand up to my face and feel the icicles that are melting in my mustache. Biking all year round can have some unexpected consequences when riding well below the freezing point.

Melting icicles, soaked mobile phones, frozen gears, flat tires and skipped chains are some of the problems you have to deal with if you start using your bike as a means of transportation rather than a sports utility or a life style signifier.

My bike at the moment is too small, too old and lacks the two lowest gears due to some failed DIYing on my part. It creaks and the chain is too long and too rusty. But it takes me 14 minutes to ride the 4 200 meters to the train station each morning and that’s actually faster than taking the bus.

What I’m saying is; Yes my bike is shit. Yet it’s my main mode of transportation. No matter the weather.

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