What if belief just was created by humans to divide us and create wars?
An Agnostic’s opinion on God
Chris DeVore

I love this piece! Thank you for sharing it. I had a similar epiphany (or maybe not similar but AN epiphany of a similar topic). Mine was “We’ll never know!” And isn’t that wonderful. I can stop spending all this time searching and just live a happy life and try to make everyone I know happy.

Then one day I decided to read the Bible, just for shits and giggles, and realized “I’m reading mythology.” I thought this is like reading about Zeus and Hercules.

I believe belief was created by humans but rather than to divide and create wars because humans cannot accept the possibility that we have no greater purpose, that we just are. Human beings cannot accept it’s possible there is no grand meaning to our lives/existence. And those man-made beliefs also happen to divide and create wars.

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