CS Facebook Strategy (SSG)

The CS team has been great to work with, an organization that aspires to make a valuable contribution to the journalism landscape with their work. I think focus, strategy and cohesiveness is still a challenge for them in terms of their organization, but I think we can really help them build a following and a brand through their Facebook page.

There are some concrete metrics that Facebook provides that we can use in that effort:

Page Likes:
CS Page Likes started at (Feb 6): 357
CS Current Page Likes (March 15): 378
CS Goal: 408 by April 13/14

When our team started managing the page, it had 357 likes. As of today, March 15th, it has 378. We’re up by 21 likes in about a month. I think we can aim for one new like per day, so that we’re up to 408 by this time next month. I’d actually like to be more ambitious with 2 likes/day, but I want to start with the one like goal and work our way up.

Reach and Post Reach:

Total Reach is the number of unique people who have seen any content associated with the Page in the last week, and Post Reach is the number of unique people who have seen the Page’s actual posts.

Even though this is a “fuzzy” metric, I think it can at least give us the “temperature” of our page, and a general sense of the effectiveness of our efforts. At the very least, we want, at this stage, to see Reach numbers always going up, always on the positive side. As of today, our overall reach has gone up an encouraging 48%! (Update: Since posting the Film Festival post (more below) our overall reach went up another 17 points). If we’re successful, the uptick may not be consistently so dramatic, but we plan to always push for better performance from week to week so that we can see consistent positive, “green” numbers.


People Engaged is the number of unique people who have clicked, liked, and/or commented on or shared the Page’s posts in the last week. Overall, our post engagement is down by 40% (Update: Since posting the Film Festival post (more below) our post engagement went up 65 points). That’s another number that I’d like to see in steady green for a while. As you can see from my Storify posts, I have a few ideas about how to get some more engagement, overall, with the page:

· Migrate and Allow/Share User Posts
One major insight I had has to do with CS’s “profile” page, which they plan to disband. Their members/followers do post on the profile page fairly frequently. CS should change the profile and cover pictures with a graphic text message to direct people to begin posting on the proper FB organization Page. We have nothing to lose by allowing the public to post — their posts do not appear on the main page — they have to be re-posted by an administrator, so we will always be able to do quality control and vet the posts. I also notice that there is virtually no trolling behavior, so I think it’s a low-risk strategy overall.

As this migration to the Page is underway (I’ve done it before and it’s a little bit like wrangling cats), I will start sharing and tagging people’s posts onto the page, and messaging them about the new page as the preferable place to post. Update: I just did so with a post about the NJ Garden State Film Festival, and have already seen positive results (see above), and personally, I got a meaningful friend request, so a fruitful strategy all around!

Again, this is a low risk strategy that can be really transformative because of its potential to get an already-engaged public to post, share, like posts, etc. I can see, at least, modest viral activity resulting from this.

· Include a link to the Facebook page in the CS e-newsletter

· Diversify content
The page has mostly environment-related posts, which can make it seem that this is the CS focus/mission, which it is not. We need to follow up on whether or not CS has set up the Google alerts for selected topics of interest. Content needs to be at once diversified, and demonstrate a cohesive focus.

· Cultivate organizational partner relationships.
We need to be sharing more of other folks’ events and content, and asking them to reciprocate. As mentioned above, I just made FB friends with the head of the Garden State Film Festival. Maybe CS can be a partner with the fest, “co-hosting/presenting” select screenings and events. I’ve done this with other orgs, and the collaboration can be as simple as posting and including the event(s) in the newsletter. I will find out if anyone from CS is attending any part of the festival, and see if they can share any existing printed promotional materials, maybe even intro an event, or panel. Again, I’ve done this many times and it’s very easy to coordinate if the parties are interested. I will recommend to the CS folks to refer people to the FB page as much as possible.

· More interactive posts, like quizzes.
I posted one and it was among our more successful posts — not only does it have one of the highest “reaches” (113), this was achieved in a relatively short time. It has among the highest clicks (8) and photo views (8).

People Demographics:
Our fans are split pretty evenly between men and women, and the majority are in the US. The age diversity is spread out pretty evenly among the various age brackets, but are weakest among ages 18–24, which we cold start improving, since many of our videos address this age group. On the other age of the spectrum, 65+, is equally low, and we should start thinking about how to target them, perhaps for events and fundraising.

Video has been identified as a post type that Facebook is prioritizing, so it’s one that we should be maximizing, especially since CS has plenty of video, albeit not as user-friendly as they could be, from a social media viewership/usage perspective is concerned.

Our total video views are down by 67% this week. We think the videos are too long and not visually appealing or otherwise user-friendly. One solution is to make “sudden video” or “video quotes,” excerpting the best segment, a line or two, image or two from a video and post that, with a direction to the website to see the full video. It will complete the circle of engagement by bring people to Facebook and then back to the CS website.