A new meal delivery concept

If you’re living in Singapore, you must have heard of the several food delivery services available at your fingertips. We’ve got FoodPanda, UberEats, Honestbee, Deliveroo. While most of them provide an array of food options, all of these deliver right to your door step. Yet, for some reason, I’ve stopped using those services and relied on hawkers and food centres in the area.

The other evening, while walking off from Blk 71, I noticed this newly placed vending-looking machine sitting against the wall. I have to admit, I was pretty excited.

Fastbee food dispenser

Mind blown.

I’ve been working in a fintech startup close to 5 months now and one of the constant struggles we face includes the onboarding process for users. The thing about working with payments is that it can be tedious because of endless compliance requirements.

Which means to say, we will need a number of your personal information and documents to be submitted, mostly to counter money laundering.

In a nutshell, Monaco is a platform where you can purchase and convert crypto and earn cryptocurrency every time you spend with Monaco. …

Research Findings

Heuristics Analysis

The site was a complete visual buffet. Not the good kind. Everything was just fighting for your attention. The information and visual hierarchy was, in my opinion, the main problem upfront. Most people turn to SISTIC to get their tickets, not by choice, but because it’s the only avenue.

The team noticed that besides connecting users to entertainment, they now provide dining and travel solutions. Unfortunately, no one knew when it started or why it is there in the first place.

Competitive Analysis

Other major ticketing platforms such as Broadway and Ticket Master were more focused as being…

Starting with some basic research

A. Heuristic Analysis
The app was generally working — you could get the job done but the overall experience felt very interrupted and somewhat disorganised. These two features were commonly flagged out;

i) Flexibility & Efficiency of Use
ii)Consistency & Standard

From the analysis, we noticed how the actual booking of the movie tickets were being redirected out to the individual cinemas. Which means, while using popcorn, you will witness 4 different types of interfaces for your seat selection, and down to your payment page. Which makes the app look disorientated.

We reached out to Jeremiah (who teaches the WDI…

Redesign the Information Architecture (IA) and key pages layout of SMU’s School of Accountancy (SoA) website.

1. Heuristic Analysis

The first step was to use Heuristic Analysis to document any inconsistencies and problems with the site. It took some getting used to, but it started to make sense after continually practice. A tool to highlight the basic problems of a site, based on one’s personal experience and understanding of how a site should work. Thereby, not enough as a standalone research.

2. Original IA + Sitemap

3. Content Inventory + Content Audit

Understanding how the current website works and function was an important step. …

Stage One: The Interviews

To identify any possible problems, I did several interviews to collate as much information as I could. But in order to receive qualitative, unbiased and insightful responses, I had to phrase my questions right.

The idea is to collect behaviour, not opinions.

So I started the interviews with a list of questions I came up with, mostly generic and broad questions. Also keeping in mind that it should feel more like a conversation than a formal interview.

So here’s what I think–we’re mental. We’re obsessed with the “now” and everything surface. To top it off, we conveniently ignore consequences which, inevitably, results in temporary but not real solutions.

In my opinion,
Good design is a product made with aesthetics in mind.
Leading to comments such as, “Omg, this is so pretty!” or “It’s beautiful!”.

Great design is a real solution made with aesthetics.
And we go straight to saying “This is brilliant.” then doubt our intelligence by asking “Why didn’t we think of this?!”.

So. Let’s start with not-great design. Because I like happy endings. ;)

Not-Great Design


I’m Sabrina and this is my journey both as a UX Designer and a human looking to find sustainable solutions.

Background check:

I spent 5 years of my life serving the design industry as a graphic designer (mostly in print and branding).

Even then as a design student, I knew I wouldn’t be doing print design for the rest of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I still am very much in love with visual graphics but there has got to be more than just that in design.

3 years into print and I was on the lookout. At that…


Experience Designer & Life Contemplator

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