Review: Meri Pyari Bindu
Niharika Banerjee

I loved your writing at Quora and used to follow fanatically all the answers that you wrote and hence I immediately clicked to read this review of yours. But I was highly disappointed. I am really picky about Bollywood movies but I was really excited for this one movie. But after having read your review I regret reading it. You left no room for imagination. As even a novice could tell the plot of the movie is about this hopeless romantic guy who’s in love with this Uber cool girl. The question was, do they end up together? And you simply went on and blurted out the answer. I didn’t want to know , reading your review, if Bindu got married to a Nair or a Wire, I wanted to watch this particular movie and find that out on my own.

I regret following you and reading this review.

I request you to not tell the spoilers, as you intend to write a review, which means, your point of view. And even if it has to have spoilers, please specify in the beginning.


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