Feeding eyes on Badshahi Mosque

Amal academy ended with a most memorable trip to old Lahore, Badshahi mosque. Although, we faced lots of challenges regarding deciding the date and place, but at last on 14th of may 2017, we finalized our planning to experience something historical with the amazing fellows with whom we spent 3 whole months.

We stated our journey from University of management sciences. Our plan was to first enjoy the “desi” breakfast of Old anarkali. Having large glass of “lassi”, “puri”, “cholay” and “pai” was a very traditional yet different experience. Our next stop was Badshahi mosque. In order to get to the surrounding area, we took a open seated ride to get there with music on. Pictures and music carried on alongside. On reaching their, we explored the area and played “dam shirat”, a game in which we try to guess the movie through actions.

After that we took the ride to Badshahi mosque. I could not feast my eyes enough on the elongated building. We took of our shoes and came inside to explore precious belonging of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). And then we walked barefoot on the wet patch towards the inside of mosque. The scorch heat of sun on our heads and burning marbles beneath our feet could not prevent us appreciating the beautiful details multiple times. There was a “Nikkah” ceremony going on and it was just too beautiful to hear the wording that would be patching two souls together. And that was the most beautiful moment to see.

Being a tour guide or a tourist is equally fun. When a tourist is not aware of the details of the place he/she wished to see, tour guide steps forward for guidance and making things easy and understandable. As I had visited the place long time ago and had no idea about the details, I preferred being the person who was guided and this was fun as well and hearing the history from people who knew about the place was a if learning perspective.

I learned a lot about Badshahi mosque from different people’s knowledge and by reading the boards with history written. Apart from that, we learned managing to have fun even when the environment is not right. Additionally, I learned about people with whom I did not at all interacted with in previous 3 months.

The outdoor session confirmed that there has to be balance in life with work and fun life. Over exertion of either ways will disturb the balance and hinders achieving purpose of life. Breaks in life are necessary to keep a person gong and performing efficiently in his work. In future, I plan on applying this theory and will give myself some break away from over loaded work. This doesn’t necessarily have to be professional; it can be usual day to day over exerted routine as well.