Introducing the Saber DAO Accelerator Program (SDAP) — a new initiative created by the Saber Labs team. SDAP aims to 1) Provide strategic alignment between Saber and other protocols, 2) Help accelerate protocols that share Saber’s vision of a decentralized financial ecosystem.

The Saber Labs team will work with a handful of selected protocols by contributing resources in engineering, design, marketing, and more. SDAP participants must commit to following:

  • Deeply integrate with the Saber Protocol thereby increasing its volume/TVL/capital efficiency
  • Allocate a significant share of governance power to Saber DAO members for long-term incentive alignment

While we expect the program to consist of mostly pre-network launch protocols, the SDAP application is open to all protocols on the Solana and Aptos blockchains.

Ready to apply? Here’s the link to the application form.