In this era of extraordinary change and globalization, many acknowledge that creativity and innovation are now driving the new economy. Creativity helps an individual in developing innovative products. The product developed should be advanced yet acceptable which means that too much creativity in a product does more harm than good.

Final Idea:

This is something that I have followed while making the following cookies. This cookie is creative because of it’s ingredients like Sangria, Snickers and an Indian sweet named ‘Soan Papdi’ which are not used in traditional cookie varieties we usually see. We hardly see any cookie that has alcohol as one of it’s ingredient. This made me decide to try baking one.


Snickeria cookie


2 1/2 cups Flour, 1/2 glass Sangria, Snickers, Soan Papdi, 1 Egg, 3/4 spoon Baking powder, 1 spoon Custard powder, 1/2 spoon Milk powder, 3/4 cup Butter, 1/4 glass Milk, Powdered Sugar and Crystal sugar.

Idea generation:

I have come up with a number of recipes for cookies at first through brainstorming. The images are displayed below. I have then decided to test two of those recipes. They are, one with white wine and dark chocolate as it’s main ingredients ( Cookie 1)and the other with Sangria and Snickers ( Cookie 2) as it’s main ingredients, all other ingredients being the same.

Design notebook

Idea 1 test:

I have first tried baking a cookie of type 1. After mixing the ingredients mentioned above, I put them in a pre-heated oven at 350 degree farenheit temperature for 15 minutes. After the moisture was lost, I took them out and let them cool for a while. After tasting it, I have realized that the taste of wine mixed with dark chocolate was so overwhelming.

Cookie 1

Idea 2 test:

Since the taste of cookie 1 did not turn out to be good, I have decided to bake a cookie of type 2. The combination of these was good hence I have decided to make a batch of this variety. After baking the cookies, I covered the top of the cookies with melted Snickers chocolates. This chocolate has peanuts in it which added positively to the flavor.

Soan Papdi (Sweet)
Baked cookies
Final cookie


The first time I made the cookie, I have realized that the cookie wasn’t sweet enough and also that a little more butter can be added to it. I have then added more sugar and butter to the flour. Also, during the first attempt, I did not add egg to the flour. In this attempt I have added egg to it which contributed to a better taste. Also, I have sprinkled an Indian sweet called ‘Soan Papdi’ on top of the melted chocolate which made it taste even better.

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