Life in Clouds…

As a child, I often fantasised about life among the clouds. I wanted to see the clouds, touch them, feel them. I wanted to be a fairy living in my heavenly abode. But fortunately — or unfortunately — I grew up. I am a little hesitant about this because I do feel growing up really fractures one’s imaginative capabilities. But I tried to reconnect with my inner self today. What you’ll read below is the product of my quest with self. It is a refined imagination of a 5-year-old girl.

The wind is pleasant. The touch of the cool air traverses from my skin and slowly glides into my soul. It is pure bliss. My white dress compliments the blue and white colours of the sky. I am a fairy. I stand for happiness. I breathe happiness into the world and I am euphoric today. I flap my wings and zoom among the clouds. I am going to meet my friend Jasmine. She is symbolic of peace.

It is a summer morning. The sun has risen down below but the heat hardly ever reaches us up here. It always feels as if the gentle warmth of the winter sun has mingled with the breezy winds to help us float in the air. It is always this pleasant here.

I see Alice, Rebecca, and Andrea playing near the stream. They are waving at me. I sense a little urge in me to go and join them but I really need to be with Jasmine. We need to work. The shimmery water of the stream and its steady burble against the floating flowers is like a lullaby to the ears. This is our wondrous paradise. The enveloping beauty and subliminal bliss.

Playing is also a lot of fun here. When you jump into a cloud, it hugs you, dissolves you, absorbs you till all you see and feel is its cotton white softness and marshmallow-like scent. Then, out of nowhere, you’re up in the air as if a contracted spring has relaxed suddenly. A swoosh and you’re about to pierce the sky and see what lies beyond. What is at the other end of the blue sky? Heaven? God? But then, we’re unable to transgress beyond. An invisible chord pulls us back to clouds and we begin playing with the winds.

I find Jasmine waiting for me at the edge of the clouds. We are supposed to visit the land today. The world is in chaos. People are unhappy down there. They’re so lost in the daily chores that they are losing their sense of life. Humans have become their own invention — robots. They could do well with some peace and happiness from a little flick of our wands.



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