Don’t capture the moment: live it!

I have started writing my blog nearly millions of times and there was always the reason why I gave up doing it. The main reason was connected to my depression and low self-esteem; when you think no one needs your posts and no one really cares for your life, in general. Nearly a week ago I have deleted my Instagram account, because I decided not to be the part of that big happy society with pictures of nature, food, great body and so on. When you are there you get an idea that everybody is living a very happy life and you are the only one, who has spots on the face. You just want to stay in bed for the whole day on weekends instead of crawling around the city and posting pictures. Don’t get me wrong; I think it is awesome that we share our experiences and we share our happiness, but most of the time we are trying to play cool while we aren’t that happy at all.

I have met so many people during my life and each of them had something to say, something to worry about or be proud of. When you see these peoples Instagrams or Facebook newsfeed, you think that they do not have any problems at all and it is only you, who has miserable life. People wake up! We don’t have to show our followers or friends that we are living in a fairytale all the time, we are aloud to feel sad and crying, we are aloud to feel down and it shouldn’t mean that your ‘friends’ or ‘public’ that is among your followers should delete you from friends because you aren’t living as happy life as they do.

Instagram is a place where you can pretend to be whatever you want to, you can choose the role and play it quite well. Aw, I love animals, kids, I am very sporty and sharp-minded, I am visiting museums all the time and here are the books and magazines I am reading right now and you guys should care for that, should admire me for it and should give me as many likes as you can, otherwise I am going to be very upset and think that my life is worth nothing.

What we lost in this post and likes, videos and shares, followers and uploads is the real taste for life. We cannot have anything to eat unless we take a picture of it and post it, so everybody knows that we are having lunch or whatever. Can we not enjoying our lives without shares and likes, without being punished for ‘bad’ posts and treated as kings for ‘great’ ones? Can we just enjoy the moment without capturing it and if something is not on the photo it doesn’t mean it never happened. Best moments of my life couldn’t be fixed on my phone and I didn’t feel like wanted to share it with you guys, sorry.

I am not against social media and not an unfriendly person at all, but I think that we should live the moment right here and right now. Because of the Instagram I have lost my taste for life and I lost myself, I wanted to be someone different, someone who is fitter, hotter and smarter, pretended I am very arrogant while I am not at all, and thought that being funny and open isn’t cool any more, because cool girls aren’t smiling, they are just making the duck faces, you know. Who decides which music is cool and which cloth is the right one for you. Don’t you notice that people started to look alike with the same make up, hairstyle and clothing?

Sometimes I have a feeling that I am surrounded by Kim Kardashian’s various copies all over GB and States. Isn’t it cool any more being yourself and being different? Do we need to be like someone else and search for an approval all the time? We think we are living in a free world, but I have a feeling that we are living in an invisible cage and there is no way out. There is the way and this way is to be yourself and trusts me even if you’re sad and lonely, there are always people, who will accept you the way you are and celebrate your mood either sad and happy.

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