Warriors are cool: guess what? You are one too

They say it’s great to be a warrior,everybody respects warriors and I am one of their admirers. I never knew that being able to follow your dreams and screams at long nights because you are desperate but there is no one to help you means being a warrior,apparently it does. I never thought that staying up for your ideas means to be a warrior, start to do something new at the age of 30 means being a warrior, not being able to sleep with random strangers even if you want to feel someone’s warm body next to you means being a warrior.

I am not old and I am not young. I am not ugly and I am not beautiful. I am not kind and I am not a bad person. I do and don’t care for money. I love sunny days and I love rain. Everything I did in my life should have been in harmony with the society and its moral views, my every single breath was related to the fact of being a “good” girl. I was a nerd and I wasn’t, I am very inconsistent, and I am ok with it.

Sometimes it takes a lot of courage just to watch what is going with your life without any demands and questions, you just see its flow and wonder where will you end up. I always had dreams,but apparently dreams shouldn’t always come true, if they are getting real they will never be as great as in your head.

Nothing is perfect for me today, but I don’t lose hope. Hope is the only thing that helps me get up in the morning as I have a feeling that in London you must pay even for your breath. It isn’t about money,don’t get me wrong, it is just about a world that always wants something from you and trust me if I have something to give to this world I would do it cause this is the way I am made.

I am a warrior and I believe that every battle ends with your victory, no matter what! Even if you think you lost,you won,cause your failure means experience and experience means growth.

These several months I realised that it’s hard for me to smile,not because everything is going bad,no! Then I forced myself to smile and you know what?It helped me to make other people smile. Smile is like a chain,which can build unforgettable positive moments in your life.

Why did I write all these things? Cause you should never give up!Never!Be a warrior and you will always win your battles,no matter what!

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