Smart and connected machines: can this be the path to fair and just future?

Rise of automation and connectivity gives me more hope than scare. We are already in a time where if somebody does something wrong in one corner of the world, everyone from all over the world can #tag the hell out of that person. But, it can get better. Imagine you are driving through a future highway, and your autonomous vehicle rushing through the wind, no more drunk driving, no more speeding. Even if someone chooses to drive over the speed limit, the vehicle itself can detect the violation of law and send report to proper authority. Justice served, fresh. No need for humans (cops) to patrol the high-way, wishing that some irresponsible person would do the unwelcome thing.

Drunk driving? Sensors in your future car will detect alcohol and resume auto-pilot, no more messing around with innocent lives. Cheating in any form of exam would be almost impossible. Khan academy and others already have ways of tracking student’s performance everyday basis. With that kind of data collected on you, it is going to be real hard to perform surprisingly well in the exam day. Fairness, enforced.

We, humans are already more comfortable with machines than other humans, specially in judgment calls. I personally would be more comfortable if a computer grades my exams. Because, I know that machine would give me the exact grade I deserve, no less, no more (I am hoping there is no bug in the software!). My grades won’t be dependent on how happy my grader was at that morning, or any other personal bias.

This list of examples can go on and on….. I know, I know, security and privacy. We had this same issue with cloud computing. “What idiot is going to put all their data in someone else’s computer in a remote place and pay rent for it?!” Crazy, right? Or “who is going to put all her personal emotions and pictures on Internet and discuss everything with her friends publicly?” Never, no way!

Future is about going forward, and we have figured out ways of going forward all the time. We are eventually going to work around the limitations of automation and universal connectivity. And that future is going to be fairer, more just than ever possible in the history of humanity.

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