SABI is live! Malta blockchain summit

The SABIGLOBAL team recently visited one of the largest events on blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency MALTA BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT to which we invited you 1–2 of November. Firstly, we want to thank everyone who was at this event for the support and incredibly useful feedback about our project, thanks to everyone who contributed the development of the project. And now we will briefly describe what was presented at this event.

CEO and co-founder of the project Natalia Leanca made a presentation, ICO Pitch Deck describing the main advantages of the project and future plans:

SABI technology has a module and it gives access to your devices.
This is what the waves sends out.
A blockchain-based authentication network
and we have an offline version of Sabi technology.
Why Blockchain for storing the electromagnetic profiles?
For high security: True information that can not be faked.
For anonymity
For having a reliable ledger
So, the user preserves anonymity. Biometric information stored in the network is encrypted. Only authentication through Sabi will confirm that the user is compliant.

After that, there was live communication with the audience and we were again convinced that the SABIGLOBAL project is interesting to the entire audience and not only the crypto community but also to developers and investors!

In future articles we will continue to report this global event, so subscribe to our social networks and go to the updated website there is a lot of interesting and useful information for everyone!