Remember who am I?

Let’s have a stroll down our memory lane.. Haven’t u ever felt that looking at me changes frown into a smile and sometimes otherwise haha..I never leave your hand because it is the only place where I find real solace..

You have desperately craved for me atleast once in a lifetime.You have felicitated me and honoured me with compassion and love since ages and just a glance of me reminds you of the best thing ever happened to you.I have served you by witnessing the union of your soul with your beloved at the paramount of togetherness and that is what gives me a dignity.

Unfortunately sometimes you forget how hard it was even approaching me and how blessed you were in having me in your lives.

And then on the spur of the moment it happens that the hearts tear apart and I am tagged as a misery. But please, didn’t you once held me at the helm of your relations as a souvenir of trust,love and passion? So why are you disgracing me after your hearts vowed that they will stay inseparable.



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