7 Literary pieces that provoked too much thinking in our mind

Consciously or sub-consciously, there are few things that we never want to touch. Partly because of the amount of anxiousness, we would sign ourselves up for. But most of the time because we get influenced to think about it in a certain way and anything clashing with the idea becomes a perpetual question of it’s whole existence. Where there are few many ways to get yourself perplexed, literary is one of the most pensive.

For this blog, here is the count down of 7 literary pieces that sparked a little different perspective of idea in our mind, regardless of their morals being right or wrong.

  1. Lolita — Vlademir Nabokov

Despite of it being an exclusive not-to-be-read,Lolita engraved some bold imagination of a pedophile and his desperate attempt of making it all look normal. A story about a middle age man, who has a drastic interest in his 12 years old step-daughter. When the book got released in the 20th century, most of the public took it as an attack on their moral household values but what they failed to realize is that the book was an attempt to bring light upon the taboo culture of existing sexual activities of a regarded middle class family. And their specific habit of brushing everything under the carpet.

2. Lady Chatterley’s Lover — D.H Laurence

However the topic is not at all a new thing for today’s world, considering the amount of movies,books and dramas it has been encountered in. A not so classic tale of an upper class lady and her explicit and intense love affair with a working class man was enough to put it on the list of banned literature. Back in 1928, this kind of writing that presents a concept of visual graphic through words-that-should-not-be-printed, along with a story line that breaks the law of status and classes was sure one of its kind and a thought provoker.

3. The Catcher in the Rye — J.D Salinger

One of the top go to books for every adolescent reader and a pioneer of its own kind. Before the mainstream inspiration of teenage drama and clashes, this book with its graphic language made a revolutionary take upon the lives of an average teenage kid and his queries of frustration and identity crisis. Which ultimately made the male protagonist “Holdin Caulifeild” an icon of teenage rebellions.

4. The Metamorphosis — Franz Kafka

The 1915 metamorphosis was indeed a fantasy the allured a sense of urgency into public’s mind to rethink about the pure concept of family sacrifices. When the male protagonist got transformed into a giant insect, his family tries to conceal the premises as much as they can for the well-being of their finances and daughter. But upon reaching to a point where they can no longer drag the burden of their once bread winner son, they ask him to leave.Causing him to gave up on his life and chances. What the book tries to focus on was the surrealness of life being unpredictable and exposure of faces once encountered with long-term trouble and consequences.

5. The Communist Manifesto — Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

As the name suggests this Literary piece of class is one of its kind and a pioneer king of being the-gateway into the web of communiology. The Communist Manifesto has been written in a format of four section explanatory. Each of which explains the theory and relationship of communism itself and its take on other parties. As controversial as it can be, word “instigate” is small to describe the engagement of human psychology it excites to this date.

6. Things Fall Apart — Chinua Achebe

Based on the contrasting pre- and post-colonial era of late nineteenth century Nigeria. Where the main lead got afflicted and exiled from his own possessions.Was the first critically acclaimed book that talks about the harshness and affects of invasion.

7. Tropic of Cancer — Henry Miller

Was recalled for its obscenity of sexuality into literature and the sweet fruit of “free speech” that we now enjoy grandly. The book is a mixture of real and fantasy, where socially hustled and frustrated life of a struggling writer has been exposed. With its clean sensible concept of claiming the realities as it is, tropic of cancer elicit a human mind with an absurd but real knowledge of a struggling life.

So, that was the list guys. 7 literature master pieces that were ahead of their times and sparked a great sense of thoughts for our cliched minds.

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