I just read this and laughed so hard the back of my head hurt.
Tucker Bradford

Look, I spent 6 months last year at a seasonal campground in a fifth wheel 28 footer because I was not sure if I could handle this sort of thing. Loved every second of it. Teenagers worried about sexy-time is not my problem. When I was a teen I did those things when my parents were away, or I snuck to somewhere conveninet... lol. When the step kids visited, I pitched a tent and put a Brookstone memory foam mattress topper in there. I am “Princess and The Pea” and it was the second most comfortable matress I ever owend. I set it up to solve “sexy-time” issues but ended up sleeping in it every night for 5 months, Even during a hurricaine. After that… Go tiny living! I miss every second of it.

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