Photo by Tore Odiin on Unsplash

As I sit in my studio apartment, cut off from the world outside, my attention all too captured by the incessant coronavirus coverage on Facebook, and by my panic-search for a job to replace all jobs I’ve lost in the past week, I can’t help but think back on all the other moments like this in my life, the familiarity feeling strangely calming in this sea of chaos.

I think of a May morning in 1992, when, still half-asleep and with not much more than a “because we say so” explanation, I stumble down the eerily empty freeway towards the…

Photo by Matthias Kümpel

On a recent Vipassana retreat, in addition to sitting and walking meditations, we were all assigned a work meditation too — an activity we’d have to do for an hour a day that benefitted the whole community, and during which we could practice mindfulness in action.

Some people washed dishes, some did the laundry, others chopped vegetables, or swept the patios. My assignment was gardening, or more specifically — weeding. …

Sabina Vajraca

Former Bosnian War refugee. Filmmaker. Philosopher. Lover of trees, old-time jazz, and good Scotch.

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