Life Hack — I Dress To Impress My Favourite Dress

A lot of people talk about that one piece of clothing which has accompanied them to music festivals, weddings, birthdays, and funerals. It is usually a jacket, a simple black skirt or maybe a pair of pretty versatile shoes. In December 2014, a few days before Christmas, I walked into one of the San Francisco Urban Outfitters and found a companion which has been with me ever since. It was a dress. A short, kinda shapeless piece of black cloth, with short sleeves and a whitish pattern. With pleading eyes, I handed it over to my mother, who frowned at the seemingly unpromising material and then scowled at the high price. She eventually got it for me as an early Christmas present, and that Christmas, that was the only present I got — and probably one of the best ones yet.

in front of my faculty’s main mirror — University of Warsaw, October 2016

Since then, I had worn that very UO dress to most important life events, but because of it’s baggy shape and raw, cotton material, those events unfortunately do not qualify as weddings, birthdays, and funerals (though definitely music festivals, as I will prove in a moment). The first time I wore it was at Christmas brunch in 2014 (just typing those numbers makes me feel queasy) at the Los Angeles Hilton Hotel. Two weeks later, I wore it for the second time, back in Warsaw, for a date which was set up through an infamous app called Tinder, which turned out to be the start of my longest relationship to date (although, for the love of God, do not confuse a length of a relationship with its overall quality).

Throughout 2015, I wore it to the zoo, to a winery, to my final written IB Polish A exam (under the purple knit jumper, as seen above), to the cinema (to see the Jurassic World movie), to an after-final-exams garden party with my high school friends (when I decided to climb up to a tree house while drunk and everyone saw my knickers).

To (unknowingly) mark the one-year anniversary of buying The Dress, I wore it to a party at a rooftop club in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (the name of the place was Rooftop Mansion or something like that, where one could look at the KL Tower while sipping whiskey cola and wondering how exactly does a monorail function).

The fun just did not stop in 2015, as I wore it to the very first day of the 2016 Polish National Debating Championships. I made a lot of knew friends while wearing that One Dress, and some people reading this (who have already been mentioned in my Drinking Vodka Is Hard article) may need some encouragement to remember that glorious first day of a very genuine friendship. Unfortunately, that was the only dress I wore to that debate tournament, as sexist comments such as “you’ll definitely break to quarters if you expose THOSE legs” made me feel very insecure about my speaking abilities. Speaking of debating achievements, I wore The Dress on the first day of the 2016 European University Debating Championships (which were held in August in my hometown of Warsaw) and somewhere, in the wireless social media void, there is still the iconic Snapchat video of me bouncing on one of the king-sized Novotel bed — in that very dress.

The Dress and I, with Alek S. and Mateusz W., at some staircase which led to a pretty mediocre Cracow bar — XMPDP (National Debating Championships) was lit, you guys

Moreover, in 2016 I also accepted that the dress is going to wear out eventually. That is why I made a bold move to take it to the Open’er Festival (the phenomenon of which I explained here) — knowing very well that it may not survive in an environment consisting mostly of rain, mud, beer, lit cigarettes, and crowdsurfing. Nevertheless, I took a leap of faith and went with it — The Dress not only survived, but also looked pretty great with wellies and a raincoat.

After the summer holidays, I wore The Dress to visit my now-boyfriend (back then it was complicated) in Budapest. It was cold (a very unapologetic November) so The Dress stayed hidden under a white knit sweater and a big coat. Unfortunately, there is no photographic evidence of said outfit (which was pretty darn cute — and approved by my beloved now-boyfriend).

Some recent outfits (shown below) are some new variations, thanks to the revival of the 90s fad of layering t-shirts under dresses. I really thought that I had ran out of ideas of how to style The Dress, but it has proven to be immortal. After all, boys may come and go, but that one perfect Urban Outfitters dress always stays.