Punctuation Homework

Shasta had mentioned a possible laughing academy angle to Mickey Wolfmann, matrimonial drama, and Doc thought it might be interesting to see how society page superstar, Mrs. Sloane Wolfmann, would react when somebody brought up this topic. If Mickey was currently being held against his will in some private nuthouse, then Doc’s immediate chore would be to try and find out which one. He called the number Shasta had given him and the little woman herself picked up. “I know it’s awkward to be talking business right now Mrs Wolfmann, but unfortunately time is a factor here.” This wouldn’t be another creditor inquiry, would it? There have been an astonishing number already. “I’m referring them to our attorney. Do you have his number?” Some kind of English smoker voice it seemed to Doc at the low end of the register and unspecifiably decadent.

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