About Us, Them, and It

Hi Lefty and Righty,

welcome to our wonderful planet, named Earth!

I think you have had recognized that the most powerful mammal on Earth is the human population.

I want to supplement your surveillance of the human population. May be it will be interesting for you to know some important aspects in the way the human population communicate. Perhaps it will facilitate your trip on earth.

I think it’s interesting for you to know that the majority of the humans are involved in conflicting acts. The reason is easy to realize: The Earthlings can exclusively look out of their own brain at their environment! What’s that supposed to mean? All lifelong experiences and developments in emotional, social, physical and cognitive fields are memorized mostly in deep areas of their brain. These individual experiences in combination with genetic dispositions are the foundation of every human communication — equal non-verbal or verbal communication and are regulating the activity of every Earthling. The outcome of this is that the Earthlings can only look through their individual ‘glasses’ into an identical world. One Earthling lived to see one identical situation at the same time in a total another way like an other. Normally the Earthlings cannot understand an other opinion of their wife, husband, child, neighbors, another ethnic and religious communities or peoples of another countries. The Earthlings can try at the very most to accept another opinions, but they doesn’t understand it completely. Thats really very unfortunate for the human population. The result of this constellation are wars, physical conflicts, bashing and so on. These all constellations rebirths further violence and criminality.

If you are in communication with Earthlings — please remember my instructions and be indulgently. Perhaps you can help some Earthlings to recognize these bad constellation of communication.

At the other side the Earthlings are mostly absolutely friendly, funny, crazy. Usually the Earthlings want to have a peaceful communication. They are snoopy to have a look at the thoughts of an Earthling or Alien. I’ m shore you get unforgettable adventures!

I’m at your side and I’m supporting you with my minds.

Please excuse my unperfected grammatical english formulations.



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