Democracy, really?

What should keep bugging us is, that there are the occasional two or three oh so important international politicians or great feckers how I prefer to call them, shouting about in extremely childish habits - every blurb followed by all media - whilst they pretend to teach democracy or whatever idea they follow at he time being.

Really? Are you actually getting it? What democracy, if little things like world piece and enough food for everyone, yes, everyone, have not been tried out yet. We rather get lost in "oh, you have done this, so I will do that". Bullshit, is there actual tax money spent on this behaviour not worth an infant's mind?

We should give this thought a chance for a change, but must vote for people who will finally start the first real civilization, that care for us, the people, not for the blunt profit. We must not give all powers to the ones steered by corporations and the crazy creatures lobbying for them.

Don't vote for the ones deprived of any brain capacity, infants who have no business in international affairs, as we see it happening in the USA and North Korea right now. And not only there, to be fair.

What a mess, like we would not have a million more important things to discuss and solve, that would actually shine a light on our societies.