Educated through the media?

The reasons and circumstances why people leave their homes, can’t be stated often enough, in the aim of helping Europeans to understand and to apply some basic welcome culture.

The Austrian media just yesterday received an open letter concerning another topic. The message was the same though: media is in power to educate people, so they won’t drawn in their fears and paranoid phantasies. Neither state media is doing so, nor the questionable fun channels.

When Austrian state TV, ORF, with 7 minutes international affairs before prime time is your best shot, you learned little more that the names of the countries, the people of which are currently put into trouble. Even if BBC as main news channel is your point of call, you have have still just started.

The real information is mainly transported via rare, sophisticated channels like ARTE and Aljazeera, or after midnight. Then maybe even on state TV.

Why should we broadcast valuable and well researched content always only so late, this is for others to understand. It seems convenient for many, to keep the public in deep sleep.

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