Hands off public property!

These days they are selling off the water in Greece. Water is one of those important valuable resources that must never ever get privatised! Nowhere. Not everything has to be squeezed out and destroyed until only a shadow of its original value is left.

A value that has to be in easy reach for EVERYONE. You must not restrict water ever. You must not price it high, so some have difficulties consuming it.

It is a very special source, considering how little sweet water our planet has. Feckers like this guy from Nestle who state, that water is no Human Right (some people's names don't get the honour to get mentioned in my comments), must have no word in our naturally given assets.

No problem charging us if your service is to keep the water clean and offer to distribute it to households. But this is inexpensive, funds have to ne used to better the water and to maintain distribution, not to fill the throats of greedy corporate construcions. It is a job for the organization of a city, a country, who work directly for the common good of the people, and not for private companies ever!