Rebooting The Planet

We feel good with nature

Are you happy with the state we are in? The current state of nature, of minds? No? Good. 
Yes? Eyes shut tight? What about opening them and even dare to look a bit around. Step two, lift the curtain, that mass media drapes for you, and have a little peek.

I don’t have to state here, what it is, that every single one of us has the power to do in directing the market. Supporting local produce is sure one of them. Avoiding processed food another. Use the resources that are friendly to us. When you start to be interested in what is going on around you, you will know what to do and whom to ask if you are unsure. Greenpeace is a good supplier for information, listing companies that are less harmful and supportive to the environment. Make mindful choices.

With the decisions you make, you have the power, you direct the market. The system is easy. The market is not interested in your well being, nor in the planet’s health. It is on you, which market you support, and likely important, which market you don’t support. All the market wants, is to satisfy you, so it can thrive. So, it will always try to awaken cravings in us, trying to satisfy them in the cheapest possible way, if we let it happen. Or, you might listen to your body and go for quality and health, that sure serves you in the long way.

We have the power of choice. It is on us. Start reading what is inside your food. Has it been produced by nature, or in a lab? Go for nature, this is what your body wants to have. Buy food that has the actual fruit in it, not just a fake taste of it, that even harms you. Fight laws, that want to eliminate product descriptions. Avoid processed “food” (if you can call is by this name at all). Stop supporting companies you are not happy with. Look behind green painted words of liars in advertisements. It is interesting, just a bit confusing in the start, you will get the grip eventually.

Support recycled goods, use your electronic gadgets a little longer, don’t buy from companies, that deliberately destroy natural habitat for their financial benefit. You can’t always be sure of course, but if you know, buy from somewhere else. Go for cosmetics that add real value from natural resources to your skin instead of the widely used waste from petrochemical industry.

The power is in your hands. 
We initiate changes, day by bay, with every choice we make.
In the spirit of the famous team, The IT Crowd, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” — We are Rebooting The Planet, take part!